5 Essentials to Your Wedding Video

Getting married is the most beautiful experience two humans can share together. Unfortunately, planning a wedding can be far from exciting. Trying to find the perfect venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, the list goes on. Although we can’t assist with most of these issues, we can give you some pointers to make finding the perfect videographer easier.

5. Capture the Vowels

First make sure that your videographer gathers the full wedding vows on video. During the celebration excitement burns so deep that only fragments of what was said will be remembered. Whether you write your own vows or borrow them from other sources, you’re definitely going to want to remember that aspect of your big day.

4. Know the terms

You’re videographer will have a contract signed by both of you so that every piece of information in regards to what you are planning and what they are offering is spelled out clearly. If there’s anything in the contract that you don’t understand or is confusing, just ask. The videographer should be more than happy to explain, and if for some reason he isn’t you should get a new videographer. 

3. Know the style you like. 

Everyone’s taste is different, some may want a super 8 mm look, some may want a cinematic look, and some may just want a very basic minimalistic video. Think about what you want your finished product to be and bring this to the videographer. One couple were fans of the show The Office, so their wedding video was shot documentary style. The possibilities are endless. 

2. Send a list of “Must Have Shots” to your videographer

Totum Visual will always send you a project form to fill out before any hire. In that form there’s a section dedicated to the most important parts of the wedding. Unless you want to hire 5 videographers to make sure that there’s a close up of every second of your wedding, you’re going to want to have something detailing what’s most important. Whether it’s the first dance, cutting the cake, grandma being walked to her seat, etc, you want to make sure the videographer is prepared and positioned to capture certain aspects in the perfect angle and light. 

1. Don’t Micromanage

Remember, you’re hiring a professional because you trust their work. If you go to a doctor and they prescribe you medication you don’t tell them “No, you should give me this instead.” You have enough to worry about on your big day don’t add the videographer to your list. And if you don’t have the confidence they can get the job done without your direction, you don’t have the right videographer.

We can’t stress this enough, this is a very exciting time for you! Enjoy being engaged and enjoy planning your wedding. Try your best to keep your stress to a minimum, this is a time for joy!

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