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People sometimes take for granted the fact that they have a 4k camera in the palm of their hands. If you don’t have the resources to hire a full production team you can still attain high quality content by producing your own video and outsourcing the editing at a fraction of the cost.

Below are the minimal tools needed to shoot a professional video asset on your smartphone.


The below tripod has several size adjustments so you can film sitting down at your desk, standing in the middle of the room and everything in between. Stabilization is essential to any quality video asset.

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Ideal for bloggers and interview style videos, this lighting tool is perfect for focusing. Your iPhone auto-adjusts to light so naturally when your face is the primary object being lit, the iPhone will hyper focus on you.

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Recording your interview/vlog with a microphone will do wonders for your quality. This makes it easier to clean up that obnoxious white noise in the background of your videos. *For Best Results: If you’re creating a video with more than one person, use one persons phone for the video and another persons phone for audio. Then have your editor sync them together in post.*

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This is the most expensive item on the list, but it’s only needed for certain video styles. If you’re recording on the move or want to pull off a clean pan effect for b-roll you’re definitely going to want to invest in this. *Cheaper Options: If you can’t afford this item but want to pull off the pan effect. You can loosen the top of your tripod and slowly turn it left, right, up, or down. But be extremely careful and slow.*

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Now you have all the tools you need to produce your own content. By shooting the videos yourself and outsourcing the editing dropped your cost by 75%! If you still aren’t sure what items you do or don’t need, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within a few hours.

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