Video Production

Video production is one of the most popular methods of advertising.  Unlike before, video production is no longer limited to the entertainment industry. Totum Visual is dedicated to giving you high quality video products regardless of your budget.

Our production size varies depending on budget, but at a minimum we give you the essentials to produce a high quality video. This may be news to some, but a camera’s only job is to capture light. Therefore the most important tool in creating a quality video is having light. Totum Visual utilizes top industry lighting on our smallest of projects to guarantee superlative media for every customer.

Light will capture the image, but the quality of the image is strongly influenced by the type of lens used. Every lens is designed to capture a specific type of image. Totum Visual will bring several lenses to every job to capture the right image for every shot whether it’s a wide shot for a real estate video, a close up for an interview, or everything in between we will have the necessary lens to get the job done to the highest extent.

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